CrockPot Potato Soup

This recipe was a hit! I was able to put it in the Crockpot and clean the house. Dinner was ready and it didn't take away from everything else I needed to do. And it didn't make the house hot.

Like so many other things... I first saw this on Pinterest.

The pin takes you to TWIRL's post about Potato Goodness and I have to agree about the goodness.

Her post has several comments about variations that people have made. I'm sharing with you my variation.

This is what you need::

-Frozen Potatoes with onions and bell peppers
-Bacon (I used Turkey)
-2 cans Chicken Broth
-Cream of Chicken Soup
-Cream of Celery Soup
- 8 oz of Cream Cheese
For Toppings
-Shredded cheese
-Green Onions

*I omitted the onions pictured once I remembered by potatoes already had them. otherwise you would use about 1/4 cup

You add everything slow cooker (except the cream cheese and toppings)
Cook on low for 5 hours
Use Masher a few times while cooking to mask the cubes
Add cream cheese, cook for 30 more minutes

Steps are so easy...
You pour everything in...

mix it together...

To make my bacon I put it in the microwave

Microwave it for 4 minutes

then I diced it up and added it to the soup

I used my potato masher 2 or 3 times to mash the cubes so to would be more creamy. This is what it looked like in the slow cooker when it was done

And then you serve it up and garnish it.

This made about 7 bowls that size.

It was sooo yummy and I know I will be making it again. Adding corn next time!