Black Friday Shopping Tips

I'm in between my 2nd and 3rd store of the evening and someone asked if I had any black friday shopping tips.

These are the ones that came to mind right away...

  • Don't take a purse.
  •  If you're buying a few items don't get a shopping cart,
  •  If you are buying several small small items that are hard to hold get the hand basket not the cart.
  • Make a list ahead of time. 
    • I use note cards. One for each store. I write the price and the item I'm going to buy.
Using the list and knowing the price helps you prioritize if you need to change course.
Example... When I was just at walmart an item I wanted was on sale for $5 off and it was at the back of the store and there were TONS of people... not work $5 to me.

I was in and out of Walmart in less than 10 minutes.