Black Friday | How did I do

I already finished my Black Friday Shopping. People have said I am crazy... but looks at the deals I got!

On top of all the sales I took advantage of...

$85 in store monies!

Saved $333.02!

Saved $48.00!

Saved $13.00!
Saved $63.08!
Walmart is the only receipt that doesn't tell you how much you save. They also didn't list the regular price for the Disney Barbies. But if we approximate they are normally $15. That means I saved $10 on each one!

So how much did I spend and how much did I save and how long did it take?

Target:: Spent $120.92, Saved $48, Received a $30 Gift Card
Walgreens:: Spent $21.63, Saved $13, Received a $10 off coupon for my next purchase
Walmart:: Spent $37.89, Saved $63.08
Kohls:: Spent $180.69, Saved $333.02, Received $45 Kohls Cash

Totals:: Spent 361.13, Saved 457.10, Received $85 in store monies

I started the evening about 8pm. I walked out of Kohls at 12:30am. about 2.75 hours total were spent in lines.  Either to get in the store or to check of a store.

Overall I consider it a success