Where does the time go?!

Can it really be that I have not shared anything with you guys in almost 2 months!

holy goodness!

What has been going on....

well I have been to Tuscon, you guys saw those posts. Then I went to Boston a few weeks ago. I also started a new position at my company. A promotion! I have been baking since the weather got colder and tried some things from pinterest! And I tried my hand at face painting most recently!

So busy.

I am going to put an effort into cleaning my house room by room but also keeping you more up to date.

Yesterday night I posted about an upcoming giveaway.

It is for a Keurig Platinum Brewer. I dont drink coffee. But I have used a Keurig one fabulous time and would you believe I almost shelled out the dough for one about a week ago! Yes, it is that good.

So watch for the chance to win starting in November. Also watch for other updates and pictures from my recent travels.

Love love.