The King Lives On

Today is the anniversary of Elvis's passing. Can you believe it? The King died in 1977 and yet people like me are still spending money and screaming about Elvis

A few weekends ago... on national friendship day actually... I surprised by best friend by taking her to see Elvis.

No Elvis is not the first of the zombie Apocalypse but his fans have continued to allow Elvis to live on and so people still impersonate him regularly.

I only live about an hour away from Windstar World Casino in Oklahoma. I saw the show in my local paper and bought tickets and the word was mum until the day before. Which is really hard for me! Kraig Parker was the impersonator and I thought he did a great job. Check out his website for more info about him.

I actually took the above picture in my friend's house. She has lots of Elvis things!

The show was so much fun and I took a lot of pictures. I will be posting more of them on my facebook page so check that out here.

Have you ever gone to see an Elvis impersonator? Maybe you saw the real Elvis... was it last month? Tell me about it!