Spam Comments

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I wanted to get some feedback from other bloggers.

I have not had problems with spam comments before but in the last few weeks  I had one post in particular when it was BOMBARDED with comments.Almost none of them relative to the post. Most not in English and almost all of them just repeating letters.

I followed the source and it was a website where the commentors talked about (my google chrome translated the page for me) trying to get their comment score up and then after I enabled a higher approval point so the comments weren't auto posting the commentors started bashing Americans for turning off their comments.

Have you guys had this experience with spam? I guess I should take it as a compliment that my blog is getting traffic enough to be worthy of spamming me but geeez. I am talking like 200 comments in a 2 hour period. I kept the ones that were relevant.

I have also taken to editing the links left in comments if they go to spam pages. I feel that is my right.

How do you manage spam? How do you decide between spam and actual comments?