Are the Giveaways Legit?

I got a message a while ago asking me if the giveaways I tweet and post are legitimate. giveaways or spam.

I can tell you that if a giveaway hosted by myself or by my bff over at The Butterfly Mom I KNOW that it is legit. As far as all the others, while I do not know these bloggers personally I would not participate in their drawings and post about them if I felt they were anything less than a real opportunity to win an awesome prize.

I dont do a lot of giveaways because that isnt what my blog is really about. If you are interested in seeing more giveaway posts or blogger giveaway opportunities let me know and I will work on making that more consistent.

So how do bloggers manage to give away ipods and kindles and gift card prices worth a nice chunk of change? It is a collaborative effort of many different venues. Many of them are due to reviews, like the Diamond earring giveaway you saw a few weeks ago.

Because I am not the host of most of these giveaways that is why I do not post about the winners. The actual host contacts the winners and makes sure they get their prize.

So now another great question... how do you enter? Almost every giveaway I participate in uses Rafflecopter.
This is what it will look like. You can see how much time is left in the top left. How many entries you can get on the top right and how many people have entered in the middle. The prize is always clear in bold.

 You can sign in using your Facebook log in and it is as easy as pie from there.

Maybe you dont have a facebook or dont want to use that to log in... no worries. you can use your email.

Once you have signed in you will be given a list of ways to enter.
It will always tell you what is needed to get your entry points. All winners are verified so make sure you really do it so you dont miss out.

You can often get some easy points by commenting on that post... I have received some feedback that different mediums make it hard to comment on my blog with Facebook. if that is the case you can comment using your email. When used to comment I am the only one who sees your email and I dont sell it or use it for anything spam like or otherwise.

Hope this helps clear up some possible confusion about the giveaways and their legitimacy and how to participate.

What kind of prizes would you like to see? How often do you think if a good frequency to see giveaways?