Small 7x8 Craft Room Redo

This weekend I decided I wanted to reorganize my craft room. It was horrible in there. I have a small room to start with. It is only a 7x8 room and the 7 foot wall has 12 in deep shelves so the room is more like 6x8.

Small Craft room redo

I am an avid curb shopper and that is how I cam across the two matching tables in this room, and the awesome chair! I am all about re-purposing and giving things a new life and new home.
Across the back wall...
Shelves to hold stamps and paints
I love these shelves and they were actually empty before the redo. They fit my Stamps perfect. Those paints are a mix of different glass paints. I also have several drawers, paper storage and a spice rack for my many little items... like googly eyes. I use an old silverware holder from the dishwasher to hold my scissors and pens.
The shelf on the bottom right is my favorite. It really shows a little bit about me and things I love. Almost every item in this box has a great memory to go with it so I couldn't think of a better place to have these memories than in my craft room.

Wall of Shelves
This is the wall I mentioned that is all shelves. The far right is all fabric! I might have a little bit of a thing for fabric... but who doesnt! The plastic boxes from the Dollar Tree have been a live saver in staying organized in the other shelves. The last set of shelves are the most random. But I decided to also store my wrapping paper here. I got the tall wrapping paper to stand up by adding a wooden dowel across the middle of the basket. In the bucket is my favorite curling ribbon.

Do you have a small craft room? How do you stay organized?

Come back tomorrow to read about how I made that table the Cricut is sitting on!