Set the timer

I get distracted easily and it makes simple things like cleaning the house a pain.

I spilled all the popcorn. Boo
This is how cleaning goes...

I'll want to start the laundry.
As I walk around to pick up the laundry I see a stray glass.
So I put the laundry I've currently collected into the laundry room then get the glass.
I put it in the sink.
Then I start the dishes.
But in doing the dishes I notice the trash is full.
I go to take out the trash and on my way back I notice several pairs of shoes needing to be put away.

I know... I am a mess!
What usually ends up being accomplished is one load of laundry gets started. Shoes get gathered and one load of dishes get done and then I'm tired and feel like nothing is done and yet it feels like it took forever.

This week I decided to apply the method of setting a timer and trying to focus.
I often set a timer to limit my blogging or pinterest time. I have in the past set the timer for cleaning but it was not successful.
This time instead of 60 minutes on the egg timer I set 90 on the microwave. This was mainly because the egg timer was MIA in the mess but that is neither here or there.

The other change I made was to not clean the kitchen. When I find glasses or a dish I set them in the kitchen area but focused on the rest of the house.

At the end of the 90 minutes I felt like I got more done and I wasn't exhausted. I'm going to try another 90  minutes today and when those minutes are over  then I'm going to do the kitchen.

Do I still float from room to room. Yes. But the overall effect seems more focused by putting off the kitchen and focusing on shoes, laundry, the craft room and such.

How do you motivate yourself to clean? Do you relate to my ADD cleaning struggles? What works for you? I will try it!