Postcron | Use it, Love it

What is Postcron? Postcron is a time and energy saver. It allows you to preschedule tweets and statuses. This makes managing my multiple fan pages so much easier than ever before!

So how much does it cost? Great question!

Postcron has the plan for every need at reasonable price points. If you are an average poster with only one Facebook fan page then the Free Plan could be perfect for you. I was able to try out Postcron with the Free Plan with no financial obligation and fell in love. I thought the Free Plan would be perfect for me but since I have two fan pages and a twitter to keep up with the Pro Plan fits my need better and for $5 a month the convenience and organization it allows me is well worth it! Currently I sit down once a week and schedule everything but once I finish my update to Pro I expect to schedule further out than a week giving me more time to focus on blogging and pinning while I ignore the laundry.

Now that you know it is in your price range...Free is everyone's favorite price point!
How do you sign up or sign in? No new account info to remember here!

 You get to use your existing log in information to log into Postcron.

After you log in the page looks a lot like a Facebook status box. You don't have to download anything or save anything to your computer. You type away... you can share links, photos and tweet all within the browser just like you would with Facebook. I have tried to use other schedulers and they always had a disconnect with links and photo posting and require a whole separate log in to remember. This is much easier!

Once the time you scheduled comes you can see your post in your feed with no extra work required by you.

There has been some buzz about the fact that Facebook has opened up a scheduler feature. Let me explain why Postcron is better than that. When you create a post with Postcron and it is still pending you can easily see your pending posts, edit the content, the date or delete it all together.

Here are some posts that my MK Fan page will be seeing in the next week. With the Facebook schedule feature you can currently only delay your post, there is no way to delete it and while some resources say you can see pending posts by looking at your activity feed I tried it out and I could not find it after I told it to schedule. It seems to be lost in the abyss. 

Did you notice that multiply text on the right of the picture? That is a cool feature that Facebook also doesn't have. With Postcron you can multiply the same post to schedule it multiple times. This is great if you are having a giveaway or if you run weekly features like my new Monday's Made in USA or even if you are planning a birthday party and want to remind people of it. 

Now that you have seen that you can afford Postcron, it is easy to use and has several awesome features you might also be interested in knowing that you wont be the only one taking advantage of Postcron.
I am, Brittany my blog BFF is and so are these well known companies::

So go to Postcron and start using this awesome tool!