Granting Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are funny things. They come and go and I cannot tell you what I've received for most of them.
Yesterday while I was sorting mail I came across a flyer for the museum. They offer great annual passes. They are reasonably priced and I know it would be awesome.
I decided that would be on my birthday list next year.

You know what else is funny?

It has allowed me to live through others in their vacations and travels. I get to see my god sons that live so far away. I get to share my crafting and my family gets to keep track of my sitcom life.
Sometimes it even allows me to be part of a cause bigger than myself.

A few months ago my cousin Michelle walked in the Relay for Life. I supported her walk and I posted about it on my page and some of my amazing fans/readers supported her too.

Yesterday I got to help make a little girls birthday wishes come true. And more than that I'm hoping collectively that everyone can help her in learning how to dream big.
A friend from high school, Dené, that I follow on Facebook had been posting about her daughter's birthday countdown for the last week or so. Her daughter turns 8 this year.

 Dené's daughter said that she didn't want to get gifts this year. Instead she wanted people to help her raise money for the walk they do each year. Dené and her daughter have done the Relay for Life, similar to Michelle, for the last three years. They celebrate the life of a cancer survivor in their family.

Her request touched my heart. Dené even reminded her that would mean no new clothes or toys and her daughter responded by saying she had plenty.
She set her goal at only $100. I've donated $10. I think we can help her learn to dream big, set big goals in life and push yourself to be your best all the time.

I challenge you to match my $10 tax deductible donation. All the donations go straight through the Relay for Life page. In no way does making a donation benefit me or my blog.

Here is the link to her page. You can read her story here also.

I wanted to challenge you to play your part in making a birthday wish come true.