Furniture Repurposing | Making a Cricut Table

 You know what a Cicut is right? A Cricut Expression is what I own and it is a personal cutter that can cut paper or vinyl. I love it and hope it use it more now that it has its own table!

 As promised::

When I moved into my first apartment this table was given to me and it served me well in the apartment. When I moved into my house and I got a new dining room table it became the catch all Cricut table. The surface area was just too big for storage of the unit and I ended up always setting something down on it.

Did you see yesterday's post about how bad my craft room had gotten? Having a catch all table does not help. So I measured and was excited that I was right about this table being perfect!

I first measured the folding leaf of the table and it was 9 in. That is the minimum needed for this project.

Next I went to my local Walmart and found this narrow cart... and look... it is Made in USA! The width of this cart is about 8.5 inches. I also picked up 2 L brackets. I got the 6x8s. So I spent about $13.

Turn table over

Remove base, hardware and 1 set of hinges
Put table on drawer to figure height. Mark  L Brackets.
I did install my brackets about 1/4 in above the marks I made to give the drawer some clearance to roll out.

Predrill the new holes for the L bracket
  I reused the screws from the hardware I removed. Those screws were already the exact length to not go through the table completely.

Table closed. 
I wanted the drawers under the table for two reasons. The extra storage. I put my Cricut cable in one of the drawers. But also so that the drawers could be used as a "leg" when the table is open.

Table open
I added one piece of wood that I just liquid nailed to the bottom of the table so that the drawer would have a stop. The table is only going to be used for cricuting so it doesn't need to support a lot of weight. But this allows the perfect place to have a Cricut space when needed and yet have it out of the way when not.

Cricut Table Finished

How I store my Cartridges 

Since I showed you how I store my Cricut it only makes sense to show you my cartridges. Those shelves are from IKEA. They call them spice racks. I just didn't put in the front bar and they are the exact deepness of a cart and is wide enough to hold 10!! I obviously need to pick up some more. but for $4 each they are a steal for something that is so perfectly sized.

 How do you store and organize your Cricut and accessories?

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