Baby Shower Gift Baskets

This is the Easter gift basket I talk about in the vlog below.
In this basket there is::
- A recieving blanket (wrapped around the outside bottom of the basket)
- Around 15-20 size 2 diapers
- 2 bottles
- A bottle koozie
- 2 sets of baby socks
- A pacifier
- 2 sets of baby silverware (a set is a spork and spoon)
- 2 pinwheels (for the two big sisters)
- A onsie
- A bathtub corner toy organizer (in the very back)
- Custom wipe case (turquoise print)

Because of planning ahead everything on that list was purchased in advance either on sale or very a very good price. The pinwheels and the toy organizer were given with the older sisters in mind and Mom said they currently didnt have a toy organizer so it worked out.

Like I mentioned in my vlog I am going to share with you some more previous gift basket pictures.
When I am doing a baby shower gift basket if my inventory  is low I will go purchase things but I give myself a $20 limit. That might not seem like much but when I already have things on hand I am not counting those into the cost.

This is the personal wipe cover I was talking about in my vlog. It can be customized for a boy or a girl or be gender neutral. Wipes are used way past the baby stage and so this allows mom to carry wipes and still be fashionable. to see the video that is a great tutorial visit HERE. The top left corner shows the minimal supplies needed to make a great looking gift!

Here are some other baskets:

This basket is a small laundry basket from the Dollar Tree and it has 15-20 size 2 diapers around the bottom like I mentioned in the vlog.
there is also::
- A bottle and a bottle koozie
- A receiving blanket
- Baby Bath soap
- A "Dino Mite" onsie
- 2 pairs of pants
- 2 Pairs of baby socks
- 2 sets of baby silverware
- Bath toy corner organizer
- Custom wipe case (guitar and music print)
- Bottle brush
- A Pacifier

This basket was for a coworker. Her theme was a jungle theme and I tried to keep that in mind when making her gift. In the basket is::
- 10-15 size 2 diapers in the bottom
- A Pacifier with an elephant clip
- Medicine dropper
- Snot sucker ball
- Bottle
- Bottle brush
- Dino onsie
- 2 pairs of pants
- Bath salts and a coordinating lotion for mom
- Custom wipe case (leopard print)

Are you seeing a theme yet? You can tell I got a great deal on those onsies and that is why I bought two. The same is true with the koozies and the toy organizers.

Tomorrow I will show you what I found for Nichole's basket.