Winning The Lottery

I know everyone has thought about. Even the people who dont play the lottery think about it.

Well here in Texas we have a few lotteries and since today is my birthday I bought a ticket. My BFF Brittany over at The Butterfly Mom decided to have a link up about this and the timing is perfect!

Her post is very pretty and well laid out. No surprises there. I could not find pictures of what I want to save my life... well if my life was really in danger I would have started picking without care of copyright :-)

Alas. No pictures.

Like Brittany mentions there are basics like paying off debt and what have you. But I sure feel like I have more of that than the average person and I am just glad that the banks see student loans as good debt.

I will pay off my mortgage, student loans and all other debt. I will open a trust, invest well. I will take the annuity option, not the cash all at once.
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I think I will buy a bowling alley and a skating rink. Because they are fun and I dont want a large extravagant house with those things in it. People go out to bowl for the environment and that cant be duplicated in a home.

I will buy a new home, but I would also want to invest in realest and rental properties. Maybe an apartment building.
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I will travel extensively. I want to see Rome, Greece, Germany, France, Norway, England, Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Alaska. I am okay with some of these being cruises. :-)

I might go back to school for things I like, like interior design and culinary arts.

I WILL have a maid and they will do laundry among other things.

I think that is a good list for the moment.

Have you thought of it before? Write a post! Link up over at The Butterfly Mom