Blocked Website

I sit at my desk at work, on lunch... and I am sad.

That is why... my company has blocked pinterest. So even on my lunch... I cannot pin or browse. It is sad.

What are other ways you fill your time at work during your personal time?
I have been reading Harry Potter. I am in love.

Funny story... I was reading Peter Pan. I put on my facebook that I was taking Peter to bed with me... and that I got Peter out of bed to snuggle on the sofa.

There were about 2 weeks of posts about Peter. My dad even asked when he would meet Peter and he had my mom ask why I was publishing my sex life online.

One status even said something like, Peter wanted to bring Michael and John to bed tonight too, but I told them they had to stay with Wendy.

No one figured it out. So when I changed books I posted a picture of the Peter Pan book and Harry Potter Year 1 and said::
I'm bored of Peter, he is too immature. I'm taking Harry to bed now...I've heard he can do magic!

Making vague references on my Facebook page amuses me but no one else ever seems as amused.