Thankful Thursday | Being an Aunt

One of the biggest gifts a person has ever given me was the following three people.

ER as a Butterfly

Tristen on his 3rd Birthday

Huey the Pirate
ER is my niece and she is an amazing little girl. You might argue she wasnt really given to me and that is true. You dont get to pick your family but you do get to pick your friends. And your friends get to pick who is in their child's life. I have been awarded the honor of being asked to be a God-mom to both Huey and Tristen. I have been friends with Sabrina (Huey's mom) for oh goodness 20 years! I have known Brittany (Tristen's mom) since high school, so more than 10 years but only in the last few years have we started talking more and hanging out a lot.

You hear about Brittany often, she is found over at The Butterfly Mom and that picture of Tristen is hers from her facebook page.

Hearing Tristen call me Aunt Tearnin (that is how he says my name and that is just fine with me) is about the cutest thing ever. And listening to Huey do he happy yelling talking that 9 month-olds do is just as great.

Today I am glad to have people in my life that are amazing and that I enjoy spending time with and the list goes on and on.

Oh and by the way, Huey's name is Justin, and his middle name is Huey. But I think that is too cute not to say it all the time!
It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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