Making a Bucket List

Did you see my Wordless Wed Whirl Picture? Well go look at here!

I did not make this amazing cheese cake but I think the idea is overly clever and fun. I do plan on asking the creator for the recipe to see if she will share it... and if she does... and she allows... I will share it with you!

The weekend is almost here and it will be a busy one here in TX for me.

I created a 2011 Bucket list this week. Things I want to accomplish or finish before 2011 kicks the bucket. I think I am going to create a bucket list for 2012 before it gets here to keep me focused in my goals. I will share both lists with you in due time. I challenge you to create a list to complete between now and the end of 2011!

I even saw this awesome project on Pinterest::

I am always able to find something on Pinterest that is awesome and worthy of making. I am planning on using it for my christmas crafting inspiration. I also recently curb shopped some chicken wire... so it will be an almost free project. I actually plan on using scrap wood to make a rustic looking frame.