Finish it Friday | Wintry Weather

Did you catch my wintry Wordless Wednesday Whirl picture this week?

No? Well go see WWW Twenty-one

Those pictures where taken in Texas! Last February I spent my birthday and the whole week of my birthday stuck in my house alone because of that beautiful cold stuff. The roads outside my house were horrible and I couldn't even walk to my mail box without falling.

I think as a general rule if I cannot manage less than 200 pounds without crashing I do not want to manage a car.

In college snow days were the best, because I would go home and we would sit and play cards and classes would get canceled and it was so much fun. Now... work doesn't get canceled. I just didn't get paid. And I couldn't go to my mom's so I sat at home... alone. It was lame.

Have you ever been stuck somewhere because of the weather? What did you do to keep occupied?

oh and by the way... here in Texas we are expecting weather in the high 70s- 80s this weekend! Outdoor projects to be completed!