Did you get Treats, Tricks or Tickles?

Tickles? Well I met Elmo! Be jealous. Now where did I meet Elmo? At a bar. Don't tell your toddler, I would hate to ruin their opinion of the red guy. I put my drink behind his back, but now as I write this post I see a single bottle of beer snuck into the picture. Bad beer Bad.

Oh well. I was at the restaurant/bar helping a friend DJ so much fun!  and Elmo was there... Elmo even won 2nd in the costume contest they hosted.

Saturday afternoon I went to a church function at a park. That was fun and my neice was there playing games.

I met Elmo Saturday night. Sunday night I carved pumpkins with my BFF Brittany from The Butterfly Mom and her kids. On Monday I hauled from work to where they live read an hour and a half away to go trick or treating with them.
We had two fairy ballerinas and a cowboy. B and I were both 50s girls. Was a good evening while her husband stayed home and scared children.

How did you spend the holiday?