Crossing things off my 2011 Bucket List

I created a bucket list for 2011. I wrote about it here. I challenged my readers to create their own 2011 bucket list.

A list of things you want to accomplish before the year finishes. I am not a big resolution person because I believe in starting something because you are motivated to, not because it is a certain day of the year.

Apryl took me up on my challenge and created her own bucket list for 2011. Go check it out here.
At the Veterans Parade waving the flag

This weekend has been BUSY... I am happy to say that I get to check things off my bucket list...

2011 Bucket List

  • Finish the Guest Room Mural
  • Organize the Shed Completed 11/12/11
  • Create a Wood pile Completed 11/13/11
  • Fix the back screen door Completed 11/13/11
  • Install the front screen door Completed 11/13/11
Isn't that amazing! I told you it was a busy weekend. It helps when Texas has a 70-80 degree weekend in mid November! Obviously, I could not have gotten all this done on my own!

My Aunt B and Uncle Bill came over on Saturday and on Sunday! Saturday was breakfast and the Veterans Day Parade and then Uncle Bill put my fence that had fallen over back up. Aunt B helped me make the wood pile and swept my dirty patio while coming up with a great idea so that I wont have to park on the street anymore. [just have to build another section of fence, so it will be a while] I also trimmed the Crepe Myrtles while Uncle Bill worked on the fence.

On Sunday I made breakfast and then Uncle Bill worked on fixing the back door while I started organizing the shed. Aunt B got more sweeping done and helped me set up my outdoor table. Uncle Bill is amazing and was able to get the back screen door up and the front one too!

All organized!

They were at my house for several hours Saturday and so many more on Sunday and I couldn't be more blessed to have them in my life. Silly people were apologetic for taking up my weekend, when I was sorry I took up theirs!

My friend told me she wished she had an Aunt B and Uncle Bill. They are ultra supportive and always there for me when I need something or even just to spend time at their house. They are both great listeners and I have quickly learned just how handy Uncle Bill can be!

The last item on my list is the Mural. I haven't talked or explained that much but I will soon. I will be knocking that out soon because I need to start my Christmas projects!

Is there any reason why you haven't joined my Bucket list challenge yet? 

Do you have your own Aunt B and Uncle Bill that are always there to help and listen? Have you told them thank you and reminded them of how much you love them lately? You should.