Blog Neglect or Reflection

I have been an inconsistent blogger as of late. I do not consider a lack of posting being a "bad" blogger.

It is actually a blogging myth that you need to post every single day. Someone wrote a great post about it but at the moment I cannot find the post to link to it. If you know what post I am talking about please comment me the link so I can edit and add it in.

The post talked about how everyday isn't the important thing. Consistency in whether you post once a week or twice a month is important. But even more so than that quality is important.

I think that is what I am having a hard time with. I have a whole list of things I want to blog about. Many of them projects. But this time of the year the projects I am working on are all Christmas gifts and if I blog about them then the magic of getting a gift can be lost.

How do you manage your blog and your projects? Do you always post projects a year behind? That just seems like so much work, but it might be the best idea to not ruin the surprise.

I have been working on cleaning my house so I can have people over and so I can decorate for Christmas. Seems like everyone beat me to the punch. But I already got out my Christmas cards so I am okay with it.

Happy Tuesday.