2011 Bucket List

I mentioned yesterday about Making a Bucket List. Not a regular bucket list for my life, but more about what I want to accomplish before the end of the year.
I am a list maker. So it is not uncommon that I create lists like this. Usually though, I write them on a sticky note and then they get lost and I lose my focus and get discouraged.

Example:: When I moved into my house in 2008 I wrote a short term and long term list of goals I wanted to accomplish that were home related. For the first few months I kept it on the fridge and would mark stuff off and date it as I finished. It then got moved to my front door on a magnet. Then It was gone. I dont even know what was on the list and I obviously cant mark stuff off on it any more. Part of me is sadden by that because I know I have gotten a lot of those things accomplished and yet there is so much more to do!

So instead of using just my sticky note... I am going to make my list digital by sharing it with all my great readers. And just so you know the list I am making digital is being copied from a bright yellow sticky note.

2011 Bucket List

  • Finish the Guest Room Mural
  • Organize the Shed
  • Create a Wood pile
  • Fix the back screen door
  • Install the front screen door

That is all that is on the bucket list. I know it doesnt seem like much... but there is less than 2 months left and the doors are things I have to recruit help with. In addition to those things I have Christmas crafts and baking to do! So I am trying to be realistic and challenge myself all at once. And I cant put my Christmas project list here because that would give away what my gifts will be!

Are you taking my challenge? Are you creating a 2011 Bucket list also? I would love a link to it so I can see your goals!