Using the Cricut for Halloween | T Byrd Style

Hey Daddy-O!

My Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter and I got kookie and cut some fabric for my 50s costume. Thought I would share with you how I did it and how it turned out!

My Pink Lady Jacket

I couldnt find a real pink lady jacket and I was not about to spend $20 or more on a  Women's Pink Ladies Jacket . So I had to figure out how to make my own. So I went to Goodwill! I found a few interesting things and then I found this perfect satin half shrug.

But how to add the letters without making the jacket unwearable the rest of the year. I want to make sure to get the most out of $4. ::grin::

I have Sticker Paper that is use with my Cricut from time to time and I thought this would be perfect! So I got out all my regular Cricut supplies. (I talk about my favorites in my Baby Shower Invite post)
Get the supplies together

I picked my fabric, I decided to go with the fabric seen above because it has a sheen and is not flat looking. But I know it has a tendency to fray for I was concerned the Cricut would get stuck on the treads.

Place sticker paper on fabric

Trim excess and place on Cricut Mat

I chose to have the fabric sandwiched between the mat and sticker paper because I felt this would minimize the blade catching on the fabric. Worked great!
I actually used Cricut DesignStudio Software to create my T Byrd.

Notes about Design Studio if you don't have it. You have to actually own the cartridges you design with or the machine can not cut.
I created my T Byrd on the digital mat, told it to cut and got this::

This is when I had the realization, that since I did my fabric sandwich I should have flipped my letters. Boo.

I learned that you cannot just press "Flip" you actually have to write the word backwards and then press flip.

So I fixed it on my digital board and pressed cut again.
example of what it looks like, not what I really cut. The Y would have been off the mat

Go Cricut Go!
The Settings I used were all standard.
Blade:: 5
Speed:: Med
Pressure:: Med

I did have it multi-cut. Once left a few threads uncut. I did 4... overkill! Only needed 2.

Fabric Cutting Success!

The fabric peeled up just like paper because of the sticker! So I peeled them all off.

My two Byrd's
You can see my backwards and correct Byrd here. Since the T is reversible I only made one of those.

I love how they turned out! And the backing peeled off easily just like a sticker should. Hindsight, I wouldn't have peeled off all of the Byrd sticker back at once. It kept getting stuck to itself. I was able to place, pull off and readjust when I noticed I did it crooked.

So now I have my own Pink Lady Jacket that is personalized to me! There were some fabric threads that had to be trimmed and it might not last forever... but it will work for this! If I was making it permanent I would have used fusible webbing and ironed it on.

Cant wait to see what you are doing for Halloween! If you Cricut my BFF, Brittany from The Butterfly Mom would like to know what you Cricut and how much you love it! Tell her about it in her comments for her Do You Cricut? Post.

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