That's Obese | The Wii Says it best

I bought a Wii Fit more than three years ago. The Wii gladly told me this morning it was my 1209th day. As though I have been a diligent Wii Fitter the whole time.

I haven't. It was 180 days since my last "weigh" in.

I am a firm believer in not believing in resolutions. If I really want to do something why wait until a day in the future or new years or Monday or next week.

So when I realized it had been about a year since I had taken my health and wight seriously and I have gained fat, not weight but fat since then I have had it.

I went to the store last night and bought everything needed to change my diet and eat better. I told a few people ::cough:: and now all of you:: cough:: about my plans so I can stay accountable.

Apryl encouraged me to select a motivation picture. I had one last year.  I can't find it. No surprise there.

Last night I made myself a mixed dinner of fresh and canned vegetables over brown rice. All portioned correctly and I made enough for two so I immediately split it and half went into the fridge for tonight.

I will share with you later more about my meal plan. It isnt a diet, but a meal plan to help me be more conscience about what I am eating.

If you have ever played Wii or Wii Fit you know about Miis

Here is my Mii, and I'm obese

weight:: 178

So now that I have shared that with you. Here is my motivation picture::

Byrd circa 2001

That is currently on my fridge. It is from high school. No I do not plan on being that small so I can wear booty shorts and crop tops, but the confidence to do so would be nice. That is what I would wear on a regular basis and it was no big thing to anyone. Crazy to think about. 

So according to Wii Fit BOB is obese and I am set to change that!