Thankful Thursday | Zombies and Ghosts

Hungry for Brains
Okay, so maybe my title is a little misleading. I am not really thankful for zombies. But I am thankful for the photo editing website that has allowed me to be zombie like during the Halloween season!

I use Picnik for all my blog and personal photo editing needs. I do have the premium version. 

A lot of the tools are part of the basic program but since I use it so much I like not being limited. 

Seems the ones I like the very most are always the premium features.

So what do I really use Picnik for? I used it to create my buttons. I use it to watermark and resize all my pictures. I even used it to create my new banner logo for my blog.

I have used it to create some of the collages I have put in blogs and I also used it when photo editing pictures I took at a wedding.

Most recently, it has been all about zombies and spooky!
That is one of the pictures Picnik shows to display what you can do. Spooky uh!

So I decided I needed to be a Zombie!
Someone actually asked me if I did a photo shoot and if it was all paint. Oh goodness, no! Others asked to be zombies too. I thought I would show you some before and afters so you can see what Picnik can do.

Zombie Style

Window Creeper

Roaming Ghost

Maybe you don't want to be a zombie... Picnik does a great job with regular pictures too..

That is a picture of a picture. You can tell how old and faded it was. You would have think I scanned it in, the color is so much better!

So today... I am happy to have a program that is easy to use and that can do sooo much! I use it all the time and I have no regrets in signing up for premium at all!

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Disclosure:: There are no affiliate links in this post. This post was not sponsored or endorsed by Picnik. I am simply sharing a product I love.