Spider Wreath for Halloween

This is my DIY Weekend post... that is delayed a day!

Time:: Less than 1 hour
Cost:: $5
Skill:: Easy

The pinspiration for this post::
Credits:: Crafts and Such via Pinterest
I didn't look or find the pin before doing mine. I just found it to give credit for my post and when I went back and read how it was done... I didnt do all those steps.

I am about easy and while I love glitter... I am okay that my spiders dont glitter.


-Wreath (Dollar Tree)
-Spiders (Party City)
-Glue gun and glue
-Spanish Moss (Dollar Tree)
-Ribbon (optional, and not pictured)

The first unofficial step is really about prepping your area. Spanish moss is messy so lay down some newspaper, a trash bag or you might want to do this outside.

Step 1:: Cover your wreath with moss.

It was hard to see the hot glue so I drew over where it is so you can clearly see.
Do be careful about pressing the moss down when gluing so not to burn yourself ::cough:: like I did ::cough::

When your wreath is fully covered it will look like this. My wreath was only around 12 in and one bag of spanish moss from Dollar Tree was enough.

Step 2:: Glue on Spiders

Dollar Tree does have spiders, they came in a pack of 100, half black and half bright orange. Instead of getting those I went to Party City and bought two different size black spiders. The minis like in the picture above were 99¢ and the other bag was $1.50.

I believe the more spiders the better because it seems they travel is mass anyway.

tip:: turn your wreath to make sure it is covered fully

Step 3:: Add spider web effects

Do you see the spider web threads in the picture? That is actually hot glue. I created strings by just tapping the glue gun on my newspaper and then dragging it across my wreath. 

Step 4:: Hang on door

I had to add a ribbon so mine would hang right. I just tied a knot and then frayed the ends of the ribbon.

Less than 5 steps and less than a hour! BAM... new door decoration. I love it. The small spiders were perfect and I like how I was able to tuck some spiders into the moss so they are not all just sitting on top.

How do you decorate for Halloween?

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