Review | Gardex Hand Poly Leaf Scoop

The name of the product is:: Gardex Hand Poly Leaf Scoop
Cost:: $6.99

I have had my leaf scoops for almost two years and they are by far my favorite yard work companion. I decided to write this review not because I was asked to by Gardex but because while I was out in my yard yesterday using these I filled up my whole yard cart and decided I had to tell you how much I love them.

I had seen them at my local hardware store but didn't pick them up. Thought that they seemed like a silly purchase at first. Come-on, it is just a trash can lid with teeth right? Let me tell you that after raking all my leaves I understood why I might want one.

I went to Home Depot and I looked and looked and finally asked someone where the trash can lid with teeth to pick up leaves was at.

Luckily my description was met with a "Oh.. I've seen those! They look cool... we don't carry them." instead of a look of confusion.

Luckily I was able to find them to finish my project that day. Now dont be sad... you can get yours from Amazon!!

My hand fits perfect!
+ My hand fits in them perfectly and could fit a larger hand too
+ The plastic is durable and the teeth are reinforced
+ They are BRIGHT yellow so they are easy to find in my shed.
+ They stack for storage and have a hole in them if you want them to hang

- Because they can stack they have an open slit and I have been poked by a stick or two

They stack!
If I take the time to rake leaves first I can pick up the whole pile in often 3 or 4 scoops. I dont have small leave piles. I have two HUGE Bradford Pear trees and a Maple tree in my front yard and two Oaks and a Maple in my back yard. That reads... lots of leaves!
The opening where sticks can poke you

If I dont take the time to rake I just use the leaf scoops to grab the leaves straight off the ground. It is more walking... but I can use the exercise.

I am glad this was one of my first gardening purchases because it has made my tree filled life easier.

Don't take my word for it... go read the Amazon Customer Reviews. They have given the Gardex Hand Poly Leaf Scoop Ls-1000 Rakes Leaf 4.5 stars!

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