Bounce Houses are a Simple Joy

As an adult I love a bounce house! My senior year of high school, after prom a friend had a bounce house and we all stayed there and swam and slept in the bounce house.

Take that excitement and joy and multiple it by a million. That is how much kids love a bounce house.

I whine from time to time that since I am not a mom blogger I am not in a few different circles. I whine for being excluded but, honestly the things a person has to endure to be in that club... I am good being on the outs looking in.

When standing outside looking in that also means I get to be the most awesome aunt there ever was!

Today I introduce you to one of my favorite people, my niece. I am her AunTee and she is my ER.

On Saturday I got to jump around with her and take these awesome pictures. She is very photogenic and I am glad she is getting out of the habit of putting her hand up when she sees a camera.

smiling through the ropes
telling me to come in

Laughing when she falls

winding down
The pictures taken this weekend are by far my favorite picture of ER. ER turned 2 this past summer. She is smart and so funny and the most absorbent sponge ever.

I thought about saving this post for my Thankful Thursday post... but I have so much to thankful for there is something else I can talk about that day. I had to show my ER off today.

Happy Bouncing!