Blog BFFs

A blog BFF is someone who I consider privileged to have. There are a lot of blogs I enjoy reading. However, being a BFF is more than just reading your blog. It is about having a friend somewhere. Sometimes that friend is always a keyboard away, or if your lucky a short drive.

My bloggy BFFs are Brittany and Apryl.

A little more about each BFF.

Brittany and I have been friends since high school! B makes it into my posts often, and I use her kids for crafters regularly. I think the kids like it. I have posts that are just about B, like this one, and this one with a scrapbook layout:: Diva Style!

Brittany is a super blogger! She can be found at any of the following awesome blogs:

The Butterfly Mom Ramblings Of A Diva

Coupon for a Cause and Animal Shelter Support

Brittany is also very social media oriented.  So hook up with her on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest

I have favorite posts too!! You should check them out.

Apryl is my youngest sister. She just finished her first year of college. 

She started blogging to document her experience. 

She doesn't currently blog all the time. But I love reading her blogs due to the lack of filtering.

It also reminds of what it was like when I was in college. I started blogging in college too. I wrote a Blogging Rewind post showing some of my college blogging. 

Apryl is often also the subject of my posts. Being the youngest means that cannot be avoided.

My favorite posts from her blog include: