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Using the Cricut for Halloween | T Byrd Style

Hey Daddy-O!

My Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter and I got kookie and cut some fabric for my 50s costume. Thought I would share with you how I did it and how it turned out!

My Pink Lady Jacket

I couldnt find a real pink lady jacket and I was not about to spend $20 or more on a  Women’s Pink Ladies Jacket . So I had to figure out how to make my own. So I went to Goodwill! I found a few interesting things and then I found this perfect satin half shrug.

But how to add the letters without making the jacket unwearable the rest of the year. I want to make sure to get the most out of $4. ::grin::

I have Sticker Paper that is use with my Cricut from time to time and I thought this would be perfect! So I got out all my regular Cricut supplies. (I talk about my favorites in my Baby Shower Invite post)

Get the supplies together

I picked my fabric, I decided to go with the fabric seen above because it has a sheen and is not flat looking. But I know it has a tendency to fray for I was concerned the Cricut would get stuck on the treads.

Place sticker paper on fabric

Trim excess and place on Cricut Mat

I chose to have the fabric sandwiched between the mat and sticker paper because I felt this would minimize the blade catching on the fabric. Worked great!
I actually used Cricut DesignStudio Software to create my T Byrd.

Notes about Design Studio if you don’t have it. You have to actually own the cartridges you design with or the machine can not cut.
I created my T Byrd on the digital mat, told it to cut and got this::

This is when I had the realization, that since I did my fabric sandwich I should have flipped my letters. Boo.
I learned that you cannot just press “Flip” you actually have to write the word backwards and then press flip.
So I fixed it on my digital board and pressed cut again.
example of what it looks like, not what I really cut. The Y would have been off the mat
Go Cricut Go!

The Settings I used were all standard.

Blade:: 5
Speed:: Med
Pressure:: Med
I did have it multi-cut. Once left a few threads uncut. I did 4… overkill! Only needed 2.
Fabric Cutting Success!
The fabric peeled up just like paper because of the sticker! So I peeled them all off.
My two Byrd’s
You can see my backwards and correct Byrd here. Since the T is reversible I only made one of those.
I love how they turned out! And the backing peeled off easily just like a sticker should. Hindsight, I wouldn’t have peeled off all of the Byrd sticker back at once. It kept getting stuck to itself. I was able to place, pull off and readjust when I noticed I did it crooked.
So now I have my own Pink Lady Jacket that is personalized to me! There were some fabric threads that had to be trimmed and it might not last forever… but it will work for this! If I was making it permanent I would have used fusible webbing and ironed it on.
Cant wait to see what you are doing for Halloween! If you Cricut my BFF, Brittany from The Butterfly Mom would like to know what you Cricut and how much you love it! Tell her about it in her comments for her Do You Cricut? Post.
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Sharing Grandma’s Recipes

Did you come by on Wednesday and see my pictures from WWWNineteen? Everyone that commented said the pictures were making them hungry. Both these are not from Grandma… but they are both good enough to be!

Well, as promised, Finish it Friday is filled with recipes for::


German Apple Pancake::

This needs a 9-10 inch cast-iron skillet. Preheat oven to 475*.

2 lg cooking apples Yellow Delicious or Granny Smith are two examples
1/4 cp (1/2 stick) butter divided
1 cp all-purpose flour
1 cp milk
6 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg
raisins or blueberries optional
powder sugar

-Peel, core and very thinly slice the apples; should have aprox 1 1/2 cps. I use my Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer
-Melt 2 Tbl and use to saute apples until tender in a frying pan. keep warm while preparing batter
-Place cast iron skillet in oven to heat for at least 5 min
-While heating:: place eggs, milk, flour, vanilla, salt, spices into blender and blend until smooth.
-Take skillet from oven, melt 2 Tbls butter. Quickly add apples, Sprinkle raisins or blueberries if using them over apples. Then pour on batter.
-Bake 15 min at 475*. Then Reduce heat to 375* for additional 10 min.

Pancake will puff up the sides and then fall back down. Sprinkle with powder sugar once out of the oven. Serve in wedges with syrup.

My grandmother used to make this all the time growing up when I would visit them every summer. It is something that always makes me think of my grandparents and the wonderful summers with them. We always ate it with crispy bacon and she usually had to make two skillets. Where the recipe came from, I am not sure. It was in my family recipe book that she gave me for Christmas back in 2004.


French Toast Bake::

This is make ahead recipe, not a last minute one. You let it (I call it the bake) sit in the fridge covered overnight and in the morning you put the topping on and bake it at 350* for 50 min.

Bread enough to fill 9×13 pan I prefer a store sliced loaf of french
mix together the following then pour over bread
3 cps Milk
8 Eggs
1/4 cp Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 cp (1 stick) soften butter
1 cp packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cp pecans optional

I don’t know where I found this recipe, but I love it. It is perfect for brunches or company or even just a great weekend breakfast. The topping gets crunchy and so yummy!


I hope you enjoy these recipes. If you have questions let me know. I am going to try and put them in a recipe card format for anyone who might want that… but not sure what the best way to do that and share it would be. If you have advice about that let me know!

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Thankful Thursday | Halloween:: You can be anyone!

I am thankful for Halloweens past and those to come!
I love Halloween and it is so fun. It is the one day of the year where everyone seems to embrace being anyone you want without limits. People that are passed and people you wish to be like or even just something fun!


Hosted by The Butterfly Mom

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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Wordless Wednesday Whirl Nineteen

It is Wednesday! Today is the day after the first day at the gym so it only seems fitting to share with you the following::

Finish it Friday will be featuring these recipes this week!
Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday… what would you say about my pictures?


That’s Obese | The Wii Says it best

I bought a Wii Fit more than three years ago. The Wii gladly told me this morning it was my 1209th day. As though I have been a diligent Wii Fitter the whole time.

I haven’t. It was 180 days since my last “weigh” in.

I am a firm believer in not believing in resolutions. If I really want to do something why wait until a day in the future or new years or Monday or next week.

So when I realized it had been about a year since I had taken my health and wight seriously and I have gained fat, not weight but fat since then I have had it.

I went to the store last night and bought everything needed to change my diet and eat better. I told a few people ::cough:: and now all of you:: cough:: about my plans so I can stay accountable.

Apryl encouraged me to select a motivation picture. I had one last year.  I can’t find it. No surprise there.

Last night I made myself a mixed dinner of fresh and canned vegetables over brown rice. All portioned correctly and I made enough for two so I immediately split it and half went into the fridge for tonight.

I will share with you later more about my meal plan. It isnt a diet, but a meal plan to help me be more conscience about what I am eating.

If you have ever played Wii or Wii Fit you know about Miis

Here is my Mii, and I’m obese

weight:: 178
So now that I have shared that with you. Here is my motivation picture::
Byrd circa 2001
That is currently on my fridge. It is from high school. No I do not plan on being that small so I can wear booty shorts and crop tops, but the confidence to do so would be nice. That is what I would wear on a regular basis and it was no big thing to anyone. Crazy to think about. 
So according to Wii Fit BOB is obese and I am set to change that!


Going to the Sock Hop | Made a Poodle Skirt

I have massive amounts of felt at the moment so I decided to make a poodle skirt. I already own saddle shoes and I found the perfect black shrug too that I am going to embellish with my Cricut. look for that post later this week.

This skirt was the easiest skirt to ever make!

I followed the tutorial I found over at MADE called The Circle Skirt.

I used her steps to cut my outside and inside circles.

The skirt did come out a little shorter than I hopped or would have liked, but that is what happens when you are measuring yourself I suppose. To get it longer than what the fabric would ‘allow’ you just make two halves instead of one piece. The one piece was SO easy though! Love it!
Then I added my waist band, which is just a piece of elastic.
elastic pinned

inside of skirt before it is sewn

I sewed one line, pulling the elastic taught as I went and then I was done sewing! Using Felt is awesome, because you dont have to hem or finish edges!

Next I got to embellish my poodle skirt. 
Here are my thoughts about my poodle:: The one at Walmart said it was a sew on. This black one said it was an iron on. It does not iron on well to felt. It ended up being hot glued. I could have hot glued the one from Walmart.
Add your rope before you glue it all down so the end can be hidden. I also just hot glued the rope down. I created the bends how I wanted them and then hot glue. BAM.
Now that fancy little bow… that is a pin-inspired creation!
Here was my pinspiration::

and this is how it came out::

I added a dollup of sparkle in the middle of the knot. I will tell you that in step 2 I thought the front ribbon was under the last prong.. it is not. I only had to try twice to get a perfect little bow!
Then my skirt was done!

It falls just above my knee. I was hoping for mid calf to under the knee. Oh well. I think it is cute and the whole costume will come together well. I get to wear it when helping a friend DJ this weekend at a local bar/restaurant. Fun stuff!
My BFF, Brittany, over at The Butterfly Mom is going to sport a skirt too. Her’s will be longer and since there will be two of us that will be easier to do LOL. We will be doing that this week too.
What are you going to be for Halloween? Do you usually make or buy your costume?

Linking up::


Spooky Tables and Mantles

Halloween is right around the corner. I love decorating for holidays and seasons but I haven’t done it in the past because I didnt have a great table to showcase stuff.

Now that I do I change out my decorating with the seasons by changing my placemats and centerpieces.

I got these place mats at the Dollar Tree! and the spooky centerpiece is from there too!

You can’t tell in the picture but it is glittery! I just cut a piece of scrape orange to be the size of the inner section of my silver charger and it set it apart from my black table.
I also have a spooky mantle runner. I bought it last year on clearance after the holdiay from Oriental Trading.

 The pumpkins on my mantle will stay after October. I made those too. If you missed that post you can read about it here:: Pumpkins:: Fall Decor

I also put a wreath up. My Spider Wreath I shared a few posts ago. 

Small details can make a big change. After October my leaves for my table will come back out.

How do you decorate?


Motivation is lacking but Friday is here!

Friday is here!

Seems like it took forever to get here. Would you believe that I actually went to bed at 7:30 last night. That was after falling asleep on the sofa.

I went to bed, flipped though a catalog and turned the light off before 8:30 and only woke up once before my alarm went off. Guess I needed some sleep.

I feel like I have been a little out of the blogging groove lately.

The seasons are changing and it is getting dark earlier and my house is dirty and it ruins any motivation I might have. Does that ever happen to you? How do you get past it?

I am going to get past it by cleaning my house this weekend and starting back at the gym. It was about this time last year when I joined the gym. I went 6 days a week and worked out with a personal trainer. I lost 12 lbs the first month and then lost motivation to go.

It is hard to be self motivated to do something you don’t enjoy.

I woke up to a text that let me know the Rangers won last night. So that is always good.

My Wednesday picture was a play on that. The picture was last years World Series Banner with a few edits :-)

You can see the picture here:: Wordless Wednesday Whirl Eighteen

Enjoy your Friday!


Wordless Wednesday Whirl Eighteen

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday… what would you say about my picture?


Bounce Houses are a Simple Joy

As an adult I love a bounce house! My senior year of high school, after prom a friend had a bounce house and we all stayed there and swam and slept in the bounce house.

Take that excitement and joy and multiple it by a million. That is how much kids love a bounce house.

I whine from time to time that since I am not a mom blogger I am not in a few different circles. I whine for being excluded but, honestly the things a person has to endure to be in that club… I am good being on the outs looking in.

When standing outside looking in that also means I get to be the most awesome aunt there ever was!

Today I introduce you to one of my favorite people, my niece. I am her AunTee and she is my ER.

On Saturday I got to jump around with her and take these awesome pictures. She is very photogenic and I am glad she is getting out of the habit of putting her hand up when she sees a camera.

smiling through the ropes


telling me to come in

Laughing when she falls

winding down

The pictures taken this weekend are by far my favorite picture of ER. ER turned 2 this past summer. She is smart and so funny and the most absorbent sponge ever.

I thought about saving this post for my Thankful Thursday post… but I have so much to thankful for there is something else I can talk about that day. I had to show my ER off today.

Happy Bouncing!