Cruise Countdown- 4 days

In four days myself and 4 cousins will be going on a cruise. 
It is a once in a lifetime experience for all 5 of us to be able to make the time, and have the money to be able to do this.
We are going on a 5 days cruise out to Progresso and Cozumel. We are very excited and so the count down to the cruise continues. While the countdown is going on I am sharing with the cousins what gifts they can expect to receive when they get here.
Today’s gift…
Laundry bags for dirty clothes!
Theresa- Orange
Summer- Purple
Apryl- Green
Me- Pink
Michelle- Green
Now we will all have a place to put our dirty laundry while not getting our clean laundry dirty and then we can pack it back up at the end of the cruise.
previous countdown gifts:


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